Organic Vermont Mapl​e Syrup

Wholesale Organic Maple Syrup for sale in 5 gallon food grade pails!

$200 plus shipping

We offer our organic maple syrup in 5 gallon food grade pails to restauraunts, food companies, or any other individual or business who would like large quantities of this delicious product. The large volume of these containers allows us to offer them at a significantly discounted rate compared to our retail jugs of syrup and we are in a perfect position to quickly fill and ship these pails. A partnership with FedEx allows us to ship the pails at a very cheap, with shipping costs increasing as the distance increases from northern Vermont. At this time we have lots of Dark Robust and Amber Rich syrup available. Dark Robust is perfect in products or dishes where a stronger maple flavor is desired. Use this as a glaze for meats, in granola, in baked goods, or in any use as a general sweeter. Amber Rich is best where a more mild maple flavor is desired, however it can be used in any of the above mentioned uses as well. At this time we are accepting orders by email or phone call due to the variability in shipping prices based on a customer's location. The price for a 5 gallon pail is $200 plus shipping.

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